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  • How do i prepare for my appointment?
    Come to your appointment with clean lashes! To be safe wash lashes before appointment with a foamy soap safe for the eye area. If you arrive with leftover eye makeup, lash extensions will not have a strong bond and can cause pre mature shedding. Make sure you do not use any oils near your eyes before your appointment. Lashes should NOT be permed or manually curl at the time of the appointment. Avoid drinking caffeine before your appointment to avoid your eyes from twitching. You will be in a spa environment, 90% of my guest get a beauty nap. Use the restroom, its going to be a while. PHONE ON SILENT, you will not be able to keep peaking at your phone during the service. I love catching up with my clients but you will get the most out of your appointment if you lay still so I can concentrate on making your lashes look amazing.
  • Will they damage my natural lashes?
    NO ! They're completely safe when applied by a trained and licensed professional. Unlike any other lash enhansment, A handmade fan or a single strand of extension is applied to an isolated natural lash. I customize every single lash set to maintain the health of your natural lashes. Strip lashes can rip your natural lashes out when pulling the falsies off at night. Repeated use of clusters/individuals can definitely damage your natural lashes, due to the ' cluster ' being applied on top of multiple lashes. JesicaLashes = Healthy, beautiful lashes !
  • How long will a Full Set of lash extensions last?
    With proper after care, the eyelash extension will last the length of your natural lashes growth cycle. On average we shed 2-5 natural lashes a day; several things can affect the longevity of your natural lash such as hormone imbalances, medication, stress. Fills are required every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • How do i care for my lashes?
    The best way to care for your lashes is by washing them DAILY. What causes the lash extentions to shed quickly is oil and buildup of product. Keeping your lashes as clean as possible will make the extension last until your natural lash sheds. Do not use mascara on your lash extensions. Avoid eyemakeup, and creams with oils around extensions. Do not pick or pull on your extensions. Try to sleep on your back to avoid squishing your lashes. Your lifestyle will affect your lash retention. High heat (oven, blowdriers, lighters) can crimple the fine tips of your extensions, be careful ! Remember to re-book your fills within 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes always looking perfect.
  • Can i wear eye makeup with the extensions?
    I recommend using as little makeup as possible on the eye area for the best retention. When removing makeup on extensions always use an oil free makeup remover. DO NOT use a makeup wipe on your lash line. The lint from the makeup wipe will get stuck on the lashes or pull on the extensions causing premature shedding. Mascara and eyeliner are not reccomended. If you have an itch to wear mascara or eyeliner let me know so we can talk about fuller lashes. Volume lashes can give you a darker lash line mimicking eyeliner.
  • How long will it take to apply the lash extensions?
    The longer your appointment is the fuller you will be. A classic set can take up to 150 minutes. Volume/hybrid set can take up to 210 minutes. Dont worry, you will be in a super comfy recliner. Spa music is playing in the back ground and you can dozze of to sleep, if you want to play a podcast or perfered music you can pair it with bluetooth for your comfort.
  • What kind of waxing services do you offer?
    Facial waxing. Eyebrows, lip, chin & sideburns.
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